Awareness and action needed to restore the ecosystem


World Environment Day is celebrated around the world every year on June 5 and is the main amplifier of the United Nations to encourage awareness and action for environmental protection. This year’s theme is “Ecosystem Restoration” and emphasizes the critical importance of preserving eco-fragility for collective well-being. “The pandemic has shown us that if we remain oblivious to the destruction of eco-diversity, we will pay dearly. Only a proactive synergy between all stakeholders can protect the environment, ”says Bikrant Tiwary, CEO of (GT).Read also – World Environment Day 2021: know the date, the theme and the importance of this day

On June 5, also celebrates the day of its founder and the 11 eventful years of its creation. GT is a social initiative that started in 2010 with the vision of increasing environmental awareness by planting or donating trees on special occasions. “Forest” campaign in 2011. Read also – “Nature wins”: Eagle tears a drone from the sky and flies with it, a video amuses Internet users | To concern

Bikrant says, “We launched afforestation and tree planting initiatives in 2010 sensing the urgency to rebuild dwindling wildlife habitats and forests and restore dwindling biodiversity. We have lost so much green cover in India through development activities, land grabbing, illegal mining, widespread poaching and reckless deforestation. The pandemic comes as a global alarm signal to raise awareness of environmental issues and follow concrete strategies to restore ecological balance. Our “Greet with Trees” concept has been a great success in raising awareness about reforestation. ” Also Read – End of 2020: 2020 Wasn’t All Bad, Here Are 8 Amazing Things That Happened So Let’s Not Give Up Hope

Bikrant points out the irony that it took a pandemic and a lockdown to finally cut carbon emissions and improve air quality around the world. But the truth is obvious: “A virus cannot be the remedy to save the ecosystem and the environment.

Founder Pradip Shah adds: “What we do is as much planting trees as it is creating a movement to raise awareness about environmental issues. We work with local communities, businesses, local governments and local organizations to stress the importance of synergy. It is only when everyone works hand in hand to restore the environment and acts collectively that there can be tangible change. “

And that’s why has consistently conducted targeted reforestation missions in 23 states and initiated the planting of over 8.5 million trees, while generating over 700,000 days of employment for them. rural and tribal communities. He has managed over 500 business collaborations and moved closer to the dream of planting globally by setting up a project in northern Uganda, East Africa, to help refugees and local communities. In 2020 alone, they planted 2.6 million trees (a total of over 8 million), doubled their operations and distributed dry ration kits to 400 households in villages affected by COVID. They also worked on the rejuvenation of water bodies and launched training programs for fishing and beekeeping in order to generate immediate employment and create future livelihood opportunities for the villagers.

Over the years they have developed projects in high altitude landscapes to improve the biodiversity of the Himalayas, launched the first private effort to improve the Kanha-Pench corridor in central India by planting 300,000 trees but as Bikrant says, “This is only the beginning because we have miles to go before the planet turns green.


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