Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences


Our Environmental Science degree program is a broad-based, interdisciplinary major that includes basic and advanced courses in geology, chemistry, and biology. In addition, you have the option of taking additional courses in other areas. Our Environmental Science degree has been designed with input from government and private sector scientists working in various fields of environmental science, ranging from mine reclamation to environmental consulting.

The US Department of Labor reports that the employment of environmental scientists is expected to increase by 19% from 2010 to 2020. The increased public interest in the dangers facing the environment, as well as the increasing demands placed on them environment through population growth, are expected to stimulate demand for environmental scientists.

Environmental science advice and hands-on learning opportunities

The faculty is committed to providing responsible academic advice. Faculty members are specialists in their field and are aware of the program’s admission requirements. When you specialize in Environmental Sciences at ENMU, you will have the opportunity to work with professors in their research laboratories or on field projects. These projects range from basic fieldwork to laboratory projects involving the use of analytical instruments, GIS and other tools.

Mutual service and interest organizations

If you are nominated, you can become a member of Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society, where you will have the opportunity to apply for funding for research projects. If you excel academically in the program, you will be introduced to the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, which is one of the largest honor societies in the world.

Campus life Student organizations

Scholarship and financial aid

We are committed to helping you finance your studies. Over 80% of our students receive some form of financial aid. The Geological Society of New Mexico offers scholarships for an annual field conference, a Pipkin Book scholarship and a Pipkin Senior scholarship. These scholarships are available exclusively for environmental science majors.

In addition, you have the option of working part-time in the Department of Physical Sciences or elsewhere on campus.

Student jobs available

Career opportunities

Many students who choose this major typically intend to enter a professional career or pursue graduate studies after graduation. According to the US Department of Labor, environmental scientists conduct research to identify, reduce and eliminate hazards that affect people, wildlife and their environment. They analyze measurements or observations of air, food, water and soil to determine how to clean and preserve the environment.

Understanding the issues related to environmental protection – degradation, conservation, recycling and recovery – is at the heart of the work of environmental scientists. They often use this understanding to design and monitor waste disposal sites, preserve water supplies, and reclaim contaminated land and water to comply with federal environmental regulations. They also write risk assessments, describing the likely effect of construction and other environmental changes; write technical proposals; and make presentations to managers and regulators.

High school course to take if you want to specialize in environmental science

If you want to specialize in Environmental Science at ENMU, try taking courses that include Earth Science / Geology, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and English.

Additional information on degrees for majors in environmental science

You can find additional information about the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, including the courses you will take when studying Environmental Science at Eastern.

Bachelor Degree in Environmental Sciences

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