Bihar to plant 5 crores of young trees


World Environment Day 2021: Nitish Kumar plants a mahogany tree in his official residence


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday launched an ambitious campaign to plant five crore saplings in the state within a year. The campaign began on World Environment Day, with the chief minister planting a mahogany sapling on the grounds of his official residence, according to a statement. Simultaneously, saplings were planted in the villages, as nonprofits and paramilitary forces also joined the initiative, he said.

State government proposes to complete 5 crore mission, which will be undertaken as part of Nitish Kumar’s global climate change fight – Jal Jeevan Hariyali – program, in 2021-2022. For this, 5.5 crore of saplings are cultivated by the forestry department, which will plant 1.24 crore, leaving two crore for rural areas and 1.50 crore for Jeevika volunteers. Another 50 lakh of saplings will be distributed to farmers, who will be paid Rs 60 per sapling for three years.

More than 20 lakhs of saplings are said to be planted by non-profit groups, various councils and clubs and the state’s central paramilitary forces. Another 15 lakh saplings will be made available to citizens through mobile vans.

According to an official statement, Bihar lost a large part of its forest reserves after the cutting of Jharkhand in 2000. Twelve years later, the Jal Jeevan Hariyali project was started in the state to repair the damage. The state now has 15 percent green coverage, which is a significant increase from the bifurcation.


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