BIOZONE launches a comprehensive environmental science program


BIOZONE has just released an exciting new title on AP Environmental Sciences (in hard copy and eBook) dedicated to the new College Board APES Course and Exam Description (2019).
Using interesting, current and relevant case studies, this includes activities on:

  • COVID-19 pandemic (snapshot to July 2020)
  • Increased incidence and severity of forest fires (California, Australia, Brazil, Siberia)
  • Global climate change – latest scientific data (up to 2019 in some cases)
  • Find and apply solutions to environmental problems

Take a look now – you can immediately go to a FULL PREVIEW (see each page) by going to the product page and clicking the Full Preview button at:
“I would love to hear your comments on your impression of this resource,” commented Richard Allan Biozone President. “Our editorial team put all of their heart and soul into making it as engaging and forward-thinking as possible. We intend to publish a new edition every 2 years to make it so. There is so much happening on this topic right now and we are excited to share our passion for inspiring better outcomes for our planet through science education! “
BIOZONE’s resources are available in paper and digital format:

  • Digital version: allows teachers to assign and grade courses remotely. A low cost eBook Lite option is now available for budget districts.
  • Print version: Home learning solutions can also include our print titles. Limited broadband access can be a barrier for many students. Printed titles, used alongside learning
    management tools and teacher coaching can provide effective “home learning” solutions.

About Biozone
BIOZONE International is a global leader in providing cutting-edge, high-quality educational materials for students and resources for teachers for secondary science (Grades 9-12). With a 30-year presence in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, along with a global presence of dedicated educators, we have an absolute passion for next-generation science.

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