Brandix brings World Environment Day to life with reforestation program


Brandix celebrated World Environment Day 2022 with the reforestation of a 10-acre block of land in Rambukkana, in partnership with the Department of Forest Conservation and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Sri Lanka. With concern for the planet sewn into the very fabric of its business operations for more than a decade and a half, the company continues its sustainability journey by planting 3,000 ‘Gaaya’ trees on the land adjacent to the Brandix facility. Essentials, in Rambukkana, along with Conservator of Forest, Department of Forest Conservation, Nishantha Edirisinghe, Program Coordinator (Energy and Waste) UNDP Sri Lanka, Sampath Ranasinghe and Group Leader, Engineering of Brandix, Ahamed Ilthimas were also present at the ‘event.

As a prerequisite for long-term growth and value creation for the company and its stakeholders, the company’s sustainability framework is anchored to the pillars of air, water and Earth. With concern for its employees, the communities in which it serves, and the planet we live in at the heart of all company activities, Brandix is ​​driven by a goal of championing sustainability.

Brandix Environmental Sustainability Engineer, Vinura Jayewardene, said, “Forests are home to most of Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity and the plants that grow there are instrumental in mitigating climate change, providing quality water and providing habitats for many pollinators essential for sustainable food production.

From this perspective, feeding humanity and conserving ecosystems are complementary and interdependent objectives. Jayawardene spoke about the careful selection of the Gaaya plant for this reforestation as the fallen branches are popular firewood, supporting the community.

“Given our current context in Sri Lanka with the prevailing energy and food crisis, there is no better time to play our part in giving back to the environment which, quite frankly, enables our very existence,” said he declared.

Brandix has already demonstrated its strong commitment to sustainability, including with global benchmarks such as its Batticaloa factory being recognized as the world’s first Net Zero Carbon garment factory in 2019, and the Seeduwa factory being the first factory in LEED Platinum manufacturing in the world in 2008. Green buildings such as these have a profound effect on the fight against climate change, as well as on people’s quality of life. Going even beyond the objective of reducing negative impact, the company is now adopting many new initiatives such as this reforestation project in Rambukkana which has a positive impact on the environment, in its multi-pronged approach for truly transformative action.

“With the world on ‘code red’ due to climate change and the loss of nature and biodiversity around the world, this year’s #OnlyOneEarth World Environment Day 2022 campaign calls for action collective and transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.UNDP Sri Lanka has provided longstanding support in responding to the effects of climate change and natural and man-made disasters, exploring the potential of renewable energy while supporting the reform and modernization of environmental management systems and protecting our biodiversity.Partnering with Brandix, we look forward to creating lasting impacts for a sustainable Sri Lanka that builds on a path green development,” said Malin Herwig, UNDP Sri Lanka Country Manager.

A deliberate move to regrow vegetation, usually lost due to human activity or natural calamity, reforestation helps restore and preserve balance in our environment.


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