Ceremony organized for the environmental program for young leaders


From left to right: Won Kim and Danielle Choi from Seoul Foreign School, Eric Sim from Yongsan International School in Seoul, Joh Kyu-sung from Hanbit Elementary School and Park Jee-yong from Songok Elementary School attend the first annual ceremony for the completion of the 2020 Young Leaders Fellowship Program hosted by Action for Clean Environment in Seoul on Saturday. (AS)

Action for Clean Environment, a global nonprofit with a mission to facilitate global environmental activism, held its first annual ceremony on Saturday for the completion of the 2020 Young Leaders Scholarship Program at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul, organizers said.

The event celebrated the success of its program for young students interested in learning to solve real-world problems through engaging and dynamic discussions and activities related to global environmental issues.

The program consisted of three main sessions: an active team discussion on the issue of pollution; visit renewable wind power facilities located in Yeongdeok County in North Gyeongsang Province; and an opportunity to write essays and group presentations. Five students attended the event, with Won Kim in 11th grade from Seoul Foreign School appointed as the group leader. All participants received a special certificate recognizing their dedication to the program.

“It was a proud moment to see young students demonstrate their passion for solving global environmental problems and developing action plans without the active guidance of adults,” said Tony Lee, executive director of ACE.

In the coming years, students selected for the Action for Clean Environment Fellowship for Young Leaders program will have additional opportunities to broaden their leadership skills and be part of a growing network of the next generation of young leaders who share their knowledge. enthusiasm for societal contributions. . In addition, those selected will have the opportunity to meet and receive mentorship from outstanding dignitaries and role models at the forefront of global environmental leadership.

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