Don Diablo and Ty Dolla $ ign Join World Leaders for World Environment Day Initiative on “Too Much To Ask”: The Dancing Astronaut


Together with Justdiggit, Don Diablo released his new single “Too Much To Ask” with crooner Ty Dolla $ ign, as the unexpected pair call for support for the #STREAMTOREGREEN initiative which aims to help “green Mother Nature” .

Hexagon label founder to join Pope Francis and other world leaders such as Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and many more to address the United Nations on World Day of the environment. All proceeds from the single will be donated to help fund small actions by “growing trees, re-greening our cities, regenerating our gardens or cleaning up waste along rivers and coasts”, as he said. said UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration NEP coordinator Tim Christopherson.

“Too Much Too Ask” demonstrates the virtuous dance-pop flair of the Dutch producer as the mid-tempo house groove sweetly compliments the harmonic vocal melodies of the famous R&B rapper. With every 25 releases of the new single, the #STREAMTOROREGREEN act will help re-green 10 feet of land and help raise awareness of climate change. Post “Too Much to Ask” below.

Featured Image: Don Pepijn Schipper

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