Dublin Port receives sixth EcoPorts Environmental Management Standard (PERS) certificate


Dublin Port has been commended by the European Seaports Organization (ESPO) for being certified to the EcoPorts Environmental Management Standard (PERS).

The Port of Dublin joined the EcoPorts network in 2008 and is PERS certified for the sixth time.

Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO General Secretary, said: “Dublin Port is a classic example of a rapidly growing urban port that embraces its nature, heritage and conservation. The findings of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Report and Natura Impact Statements form an integral part of the latest Port Master Plan. It is very pleasing to see that ports like Dublin are continually recertifying with PERS, making them long term members of the Ecoports network”.

Valter Selén, ESPO Senior Policy Adviser and EcoPorts Coordinator, said: “We are very happy to see the Dublin Port Company continuing their incredible work on environmental stewardship. Their sixth PERS certification is proof of continuous improvement and a source of inspiration for other major urban ports. We look forward to following the port in its efforts to protect the environment and wildlife around the port.”

The PERS is the only port-specific environmental standard. The last five years have seen a significant increase in its recognition and membership, with 109 ports from 25 countries currently counting themselves as part of the EcoPorts network and 35 ports holding PERS certification. EcoPorts’ PERS compliance is independently assessed by LRQA and the certificate is valid for two years. The EcoPorts PERS is reviewed after the 2 year period to ensure that the port continues to meet the requirements.

For more information on the EcoPorts PERS, go here in addition to this site


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