Enforcement of Hazardous Waste Laws: Alabama Department of Environmental Management and Jefferson County Commercial Truck Wash Operator Reach Consent Order | Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, LLC


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The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (“ADEM”) and Qualawash Holdings, LLC (“Qualawash”) entered into a Consent Order (“CO”) on June 10 regarding alleged violations of Alabama Hazardous Waste. See CO No. 22-XXXCHW.

The CO provides for Qualawash to operate a truck wash service (“facility”) in Jefferson County, Alabama.

The Installation is declared to be a generator of large quantities of hazardous waste as this term is defined in ADEM Admin. Div. 14. It has EPA identification number ALD983168089.

Representatives of ADEM’s Hazardous Industrial Waste Department reportedly carried out a Conformity Assessment (“IEC”) inspection of the facility on February 15. The IEC and a Qualawash compliance review would have indicated the following:

  • Failure to provide review documentation for annual hazardous waste training reviews for two employees
  • Failure to submit a facility emergency plan quick reference guide dated June 5, 2019 to local emergency responders
  • Failure to move a hazardous waste container from a satellite stockpile to the central hazardous waste stockpile area within three consecutive calendar days
  • Storing a hazardous waste container on site for more than 90 days without a permit or extension

Qualawash neither admits nor denies ADEM’s assertions.

A civil penalty of $9,920 is imposed.

A copy of the CO can be downloaded here.


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