Environment Day: Alia Bhatt, Dia Mirza, Sidharth Malhotra, others pledge to support


The global host of World Environment Day 2021 to highlight the importance of ecosystem restoration is Pakistan, but celebrities from India and Bollywood are not far from channeling their huge fan base to attract attention to the threat to the environment due to increasing pollution levels and climate change. . First observed in 1974, World Environment Day is now celebrated annually on June 5 on a global platform to raise awareness and inspire positive change in the environment.

Speaking to their respective social networks this Saturday, the celebrities of Tinsel Town were seen pledging to support nature in their own way. From Shraddha Kapoor being ‘grateful to mother nature’ to Kriti Sanon sharing photos of nature, Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan being one with the flora and fauna and the campaigns led by Alia Bhatt, Dia Mirza and Madhuri Dixit, Bollywood pledges their support to protect the environment.

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Sharing a video that featured images of Taimur’s camaraderie with various elements of Earth, Kareena Kapoor Khan claimed, “Protect ❤️ Heal ❤️ Love ❤️ #WorldEnvironmentDay (sic)” while Parineeti shared a video of her own outing by from the Mediterranean Sea and gushed, “Glad I could stand barefoot in the grass, hear the rustle of trees, in the ocean breeze … ☀️🌳🌊 #WorldEnvironmentDay #MediterraneanSea (sic). “

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Writing a strong motivational note, Shilpa encouraged, “The fact that we’re all inside has helped the rest of the ecosystem regain some balance over the past year or so. But, even when we come back to the “old normal”, we must remember to treat Mother Nature with respect (sic). She added, “Let’s collectively learn to take the initiative without being told. Even if you can’t personally plant trees, participate in conversations that need voices to amplify the message. Find out and raise awareness about how each individual can help #restore the ecosystem. It is an ongoing battle. It is said that small actions multiplied by millions of people will make a difference ❤️🌍 THE CLIMATE CHANGES, WHEN WE WILL DO IT ?? (sic). “


Designer Ace Masaba Gupta also shared videos of the forest and her garden to draw fans’ attention to the 2021 theme of “Restoring the Ecosystem”. She shared, “The theme for #World Environment Day 2021 is ‘ecosystem restoration‘ and it couldn’t be more appropriate. We’ve seen destroyed forests and coral reefs, among other things, and it’s a great reminder for all of us to be a little more aware. Our environment promotes our well-being, so it’s right that we give back. 💚🌼🌳 # worldenvironmentday2021 (sic). ”


It is important to note that the World Health Organization (WHO) has joined the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration, a mission to prevent, reverse the degradation of ecosystems and the diversity of life they support. . WHO will work as a collaborating agency with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) among other partners.

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