Environmental Management Service | VA Central Ohio Health Care


Maintenance staff:

1st shift maintains the facility during the day keeping it clean and in working order. They take care of routine cleaning and are ready to react immediately to any emerging situation that threatens routine operations during working hours.

2nd team is dedicated to working after hours to perform terminal cleaning of examination and procedure rooms – and other areas of the facility. They ensure that the clinical areas are ready to receive patients the next day.

Both shifts are instrumental as the “first line of defense” in the never-ending task of maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment for patients and staff.

Specialized team:

pest controller is constantly on the lookout for anything that crawls and crawls. The vermin are no match for the facility’s ‘Orkin Man’ as he wages an endless battle against creatures that could threaten the health of patients and staff.

Supply operations manage linen services which include stock of scrubs, lab coats, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, bath towels and washcloths keeping them all clean and available for staff and patients. In an average month, this team manages a supply of more than 12,000 items of laundry mentioned above, cleaned, ironed and ready to use.

Furniture moving services, working hand in hand with interior design, they set up and take down events. Whether it’s hosting small meetings, larger events, or reconfiguring or fitting out office spaces, the EMS team takes care of the installation and makes sure everything is in place.

The EMS team is also responsible for responding to inclement weather – rain and snow – by placing mats at entrances and around the facility to ensure floors are clean and to keep people safe by mitigating the risk of falls. due to wet soil.


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