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The Revive Lake Cathie community group has begun water quality monitoring at Innes Lake to establish a water quality health baseline for the important wetland. Cowper Federal Member Pat Conaghan said Revive Lake Cathie had received $ 20,000 from the Australian Government’s Community Environment Program to undertake the project which will help conserve biodiversity in Innes Lake Nature Reserve. “There are many endangered animal species that inhabit Lake Innes Nature Reserve and this project will work with existing stakeholders to determine a baseline for the quality of the lake water,” he said. declared. “With this grant, 10 water quality test kits will be purchased and Revive Lake Cathie will perform water tests with students and residents of local schools to record water temperature, salinity, pH, sulfate, sediment and any contaminants that may be present. “I am particularly excited about the educational value of this project, as Revive Lake Cathie will be working with a number of local high schools to engage students and promote a good environmental management. Species living in Innes Lake Nature Reserve include ospreys, green and golden frogs, local populations of koalas, and endangered habitats present are the salt marshes and the Christmas Bell Plains. Cathie, Danielle Maltman, said Revive Lake Cathie was excited about the project and teaching high school students how to take and analyze water samples and collect data. “There are important scientific links between our projects and high school studies in biology, chemistry and marine and geographic studies,” she said. “The collaboration will allow the community to highlight environmental changes to Innes Lake, its wetlands and allow us to work together to set a benchmark for water quality. “Once we know the health and quality of Innes Lake, we will be able to implement strategies to protect and improve it. While you’re with us, you can now receive updates straight to your inbox from Port Macquarie News. To stay up to date with all the news, sign up here. If you would like to support our journalists, you can register here.



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