Here is an overview of initiatives taken by Indian Railways to become “Green Railways”


On the occasion of World Environment Day 2021, Indian Railways tweeted various initiatives taken by them to save nature. On Friday, the national carrier said the railways were working in mission mode to become the world’s largest green railways and on their way to a “net zero carbon emitter” by 2030.

On Saturday, Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted about moves to become Green Railways. It includes electrification, the use of renewable energies and environmentally friendly solutions. Here is an overview of some initiatives:

Western Railway tweeted about water management calling it “one of WR’s priorities”. “With the installation of an effluent treatment plant and a wastewater treatment plant, valuable fresh water is saved by recycling it and reusing it for washing coaches or other needs” , he tweeted.

The South Eastern Railway (SER) has focused on rail electrification: an environmentally friendly mode of transport. He tweeted saying that all branches of SER should be electrified.

SER also tweeted about the mechanized cleaning of coaches.

The North Western Railway focused on rainwater conservation.

South Western Railway tweeted about Indian Railways’ plan to become a net zero carbon emitter by 2030.

In a statement on the eve of World Environment Day, the railways said electrification of the network, which is environmentally friendly and reduces pollution, has increased nearly tenfold since 2014.

“Indian Railways (IR) is working in mission mode to become the largest green railways in the world and poised to become a ‘net zero carbon emitter’ by 2030.” By capturing the economic benefits of electric traction On an accelerated basis, Railways has planned to electrify Broad Gauge (BG) routes by December 2023 to achieve 100% electrification of BG routes. Head-On-Generation systems, bio-toilets and LED lights recreate the train itself in a more environmentally friendly mode of travel while maintaining comparable passenger comfort,” he said.

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