March 31 – Allen County Environmental Management Department Offers Free Battery Recycling Bins | Fwbusiness


The Allen County Department of Environmental Management offers free battery recycling bins at several locations. These bins are available until exhaustion, and ACDEM says there are plenty left.

The bins were released as part of the “Stop the Spark Campaign”, which encourages people to keep their families and recycling staff safe. By covering both ends of the battery with duct tape before throwing it in the trash, you can “stop the spark”. The bins were made possible in part by a grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Neil Miller of ACDEM described battery recycling as an “environmental win / win”.

“Batteries can contain many elements, including mercury and lead, which are toxic,” Miller said. “When we recycle batteries instead of throwing them away, we keep these items out of our community, waterways and the environment. Plus, it minimizes the amount of material that might need to be mined in the future. “

Miller explained that when you donate your batteries, they are sorted and sent to a facility where they are crushed into small pieces and then separated into their various components. Some parts are used to make new batteries and some are made into entirely new products.

Batteries can be recycled at any local Connolly’s Do-It-Best or Batteries Plus Bulbs store. Batteries are also accepted on ACDEM Tox-Away Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Tuesday at 2260 Carroll Road, Fort Wayne.


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