Mercedes-Benz Türk continues to pioneer the sector with its environmental management system


mercedes benz turk remains sector leader with its environmental management system

Leading the industry with its environmentally friendly practices, Mercedes-Benz Türk continues to be one of the environmentally friendly automobile manufacturers.
Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere bus factory obtained energy equivalent to planting 2,020 trees in 1.616 from the sun.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Aksaray truck plant has successfully passed the external audits “ISO 50001: 2018 Energy Management System Certificate” and “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate” 2020. In addition, during the external audit of the “System of ISO 14001 environmental management “, the” Aksaray Energy Management System “was declared as one of the strengths of the plant.

Continuing to invest in Turkey for more than 50 years, Mercedes-Benz Türk continues to lead the sector with its investments within the framework of sustainable development. Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has had an environmental management system certificate since 2018; makes its investments in accordance with the regular reports prepared by the energy management team, which consists of experts with the certificates required by the relevant legal regulations.

HoÅŸdere Bus Factory continues to reduce its total energy consumption

 Mercedes Benz Hosdere bus factory

Closely following developments in renewable energy technologies, Mercedes-Benz Türk’s HoÅŸdere bus plant, along with the pilot solar power plant it completed in 2019, produced 2020 MWh of energy in 138, preventing the release of 1.616 tonnes of carbon dioxide in nature, equivalent to planting 85 trees.

In addition, the Mercedes-Benz Türk HoÅŸdere bus factory, which closely follows the development of technology, thanks to the building automation system, which has been in use since its establishment in 1995 and the latest version of which has been put into service. in 2019; The unnecessary operation of the installation’s lighting and heating-cooling systems is avoided. While the room temperature is monitored with heat control devices; lighting, heating-cooling systems and pumps are controlled by time programs. With the heat recovery system, the heat of the absorbed air is recovered and returned to the environment during heating.

Using natural gas, thanks to the “Trigeneration Plant” established in the Hoşdere Bus Factory, which holds the “Certificate of Specialization in Energy Management Systems”, which aims to use energy from more efficient way and prevent negative effects on the environment that may arise due to energy cuts at the source; electricity, heating and cooling water are obtained. With this system, 100% of the electricity needs, 40% of the heat needs in winter and a significant part of the cooling needs for air conditioning in summer are met.

Aksaray Truck Factory’s non-production energy consumption hit an all-time low, thanks to no-investment energy saving projects in 2020.

With the new investments made in recent years, the energy capacity of the Aksaray truck plant has been increased by 65%. As part of these investments; Highly energy efficient automated equipment has been put into service in factories and buildings. Despite the increase in the production capacity of the factory, automation and standardization of infrastructure in all buildings was achieved and production was scheduled in accordance with the shift system through the central control room called Facility Management ( FM) 4.0.

Besides; Aksaray Truck Factory commissioned the power management software robot for the first time in Turkey. This software robot commissioned in 2019; With features like instant tracking of all consumers, regression calculation, analysis and notification of consumption data via email, energy began to be managed more transparently. Aksaray Truck Factory became the first plant in the Mercedes-Benz Türk family to receive the “ISO Energy Management Certificate 2019: 50001” in 2018. The ISO 2020 interim audit in 50001 was also successfully passed. Thanks to continuous energy efficiency efforts, more than 35% energy savings per vehicle have been achieved.

In 2020, energy consumption was reduced by optimizing the high pressure air, time and speed of the equipment at the time of manufacture without investment, and the lowest level ever reached was reached in s’ stopping completely during the non-manufacturing time.

In line with the goal of becoming a “green factory”, preliminary negotiations have taken place for the installation of a 1,300 kWP solar power plant on the roof of the hall of the Aksaray truck factory. With this power, it is planned to reduce CO2 gas emissions by filling part of the power required by the plant with green energy.

Although the indoor use area of ​​the Aksaray truck plant increased from 2017 m2020 to 122.321 m2 between 155.540 and 2, a total of 5 MWh of electric power, 451 MWh of natural gas power and 1,785 tCO527 in savings, according to the energy density calculation, in light of the roadmap provided by the 2E model. provided.

Aksaray Truck Factory has successfully renewed its “Environmental Permit”

 Mercedes Benz Aksaray Truck Factory

The Aksaray Truck Factory, which asked the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to extend the date of the 2014 year environmental permit it received to 5, was granted the right to extend the date of the certificate until ‘in 2024 after successful inspections by the ministry and submission of the necessary documents. .


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