Message from Dia Mirzas Take Action Today Join Generation Restoration


World Environment Day 2021: watch Dia Mirza’s message on Environment Day

At World Environment Day, Dia Mirza took to Twitter and posted a video urging people to be a part of Generation Restoration. “We can all be part of Generation Restoration – all it takes is instant – cleaning up urban spaces. Take action today, join Generation Restoration,” the UNEP Goodwill Ambassador (United Nations Programs). United Nations Environment) and the United Nations Secretary-General’s advocate for the SDGs, said in the video. “My action is to green urban spaces! Plant more native plants and trees. Participate in Generation Restoration, on this World Environment Day and every day. Identify the action you would like to take, take action and share- there with us. ” Dia Mirza wrote. There is no planet B, activists and environmentalists have urged people to get involved in protecting their local environment for safe and healthy lives.

In another video, the activist wrote: “Restoring 15% of converted land to the right places could prevent 60% of predicted species extinctions. Let us make sure that we are part of the “restoration of generations” ”.

The 2021 theme for World Environment Day is: Generation Restoration. Earlier, Dia Mirza urged people to “make a commitment to REIMAGINE, RECREATE AND RESTORE our beautiful Earth for our health and survival. The actress and producer is popular on Twitter for her inspiring posts on social and environmental causes and his beautiful images reflecting his love for nature.

In the past two years, the coronavirus pandemic has turned normal life upside down. The impact was dangerous and far-reaching. The relationship between human and natural systems has been hit hard. Ecosystem degradation is already affecting the well-being of at least 3.2 billion people, or 40% of the world’s population, according to a UN study. The World Environment Day 2021 campaign – “Recreate, reinvent, restore” – aims to reverse the degradation of our ecosystems.


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