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Britain aspires to be a world leader in renewable energy and its production potential is recognized worldwide, but it is also renowned for the quality of its natural environment. This creates the potential for conflict. Therefore, we need to better understand the various environmental costs associated with 21st century energy technologies, whether renewable or non-renewable, and how these costs can be assessed, managed and mitigated.

Our Masters in Environmental Management (Energy) course builds on the success of our respected and long-standing Environmental Management course, which has over 600 graduates. The course builds on our existing expertise and research strengths in the areas of environmental impact assessment, carbon trading, planning and impacts of wind, hydro and nuclear power, as well as our expertise in energy management and environmental economics.

The Division of Biological and Environmental Sciences, which manages this course, specializes in studies of human interactions with the environment. Their main strengths are environmental assessment and management.

You will also benefit from employability skills training, a residential field skills course, and the opportunity to complete a thesis project related to environmental management, which may include a working with a company as part of our Making the Most of the Masters program.

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