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Established over 30 years ago, our MSc provides a solid foundation in the scientific principles that underpin environmental management. We cover topics such as ecological, economic, social, political and legal aspects of environmental management, and give comprehensive training in quantitative, theoretical, analytical and practical skills.

Environmental managers play an essential role in the protection and sustainable use of resources. You will learn how to tackle issues such as adaptation to climate change, biodiversity and sustainable energy management. At the local level, environmental management focuses on the conservation and protection of land and water resources and natural habitats. You will also benefit from employability skills training, a residential field skills course, and the opportunity to complete a thesis project related to environmental management, which may include a working with a company as part of our Making the Most of the Masters program.

Our graduates work for organizations such as environmental protection agencies, major conservation organizations, local authorities, and independent environmental consultants, many of whom are in leadership positions.

Flexible degree paths

You can work towards our basic master’s degree, the MSc Environmental Sciences, or choose to specialize in one of the following study streams:


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