NCD celebrates World Environment Day


Over six hundred schoolchildren from twelve different schools in Port Moresby took part in the planting of seedlings today.

The World Environment Day program included stakeholders and partners from the Amazing Port Moresby programme.

People participated in planting seedlings, project exhibitions and poetry. A community dance and fresh produce by vendors were some of the other highlights.

Northern Province Governor Gary Juffa stressed the importance of trees. Whether it’s purifying the air people breathe, purifying water, or sheltering all types of creatures. Trees are very important.

“Today we face a global crisis, and it will be up to you, young leaders, to help solve this crisis. To help us rebuild our forests, to help us rebuild our ecosystems.

Juffa added, “But you young leaders can make a difference and planting a tree makes a difference. You are part of one of humanity’s greatest efforts to give back and you are giving back to nature, you are giving back to the earth. The only house we have.

Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Minister Wera Mori challenged everyone present to think about how everyone contributes to the changes that are happening in the environment, in terms of the environment. emergence of the irreversible impacts of climate change.

“Have we done enough, are we the leaders today, are we responsible enough to secure your future. What would be the circumstances and situations if we did not act, how will we react to the effects of climate change.

Minister Mori encouraged that PNG can help mitigate the impact of climate change by planting trees.


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