NIT Rourkela Organizational Conference on “Challenges of Safety and Environmental Management in Mines” until June 19


Rourkela: The Mining Engineering Department of NIT Rourkela organized a Conference on “Challenges of Safety and Environmental Management in Mines” from June 17 to 19, 2022. The conference brought together industry leaders, mining engineers in practice, regulators, academics and researchers to exchange and share their experiences and research on all aspects of mining safety, environment and health on a common platform.

The inaugural ceremony began today with the lighting of a lamp by dignitaries associated with the mining industry and academics. Shri Prabhat Kumar (Chief Mining Safety Officer, Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India) was the guest of honor at today’s inaugural event. The DGMS, located in the Dhanbad region of Jharkhand, is the supreme body that regulates mine safety in the country. Congratulating the NIT Rourkela Department of Mining Engineering, Shri Prabhat Kumar said, “This event is the call of the hour, as ore is one of the key resources for the development of any country, but sustainable development is also essential to save our environment from unethical practices. in mining. The DGMS is working to bring in some additional regulations to ensure improved “safety and health standards, practices and performance” in mines. NIT Rourkela also contributes to the drafting of these regulations and I am happy that the institute organizes such events.

Shri Atanu Bhowmick, Director-in-Charge, SAIL-RSP and Shri Prasanna Kumar Panda, Senior Chairman, Essel Mining were the guests of honor on the program. Shri Panda highlighted how increasing production in a limited area is a concern and how local community management has evolved in mining has become a challenge today. Shri Bhowmick being an alumnus of NIT Rourkela also expressed his affection towards his alma mater and spoke to the audience about mining activities that harm the environment.

Professor K Uma Maheshwar Rao (Director, NIT Rourkela), who himself is an eminent academic in the discipline of mining engineering, addressed the gathering and said: “Safety is a state of mind that should be practiced by all who are directly and indirectly associated with mining. operations such as engineers, scientists, researchers, teachers, etc. This is the time when, through the use of technology and knowledge, we should be able to detect any mining operational risk and achieve zero accident rates.

Throughout this 3-day event, an exhibition of mining equipment and technologies has been organized in which 8 mining companies will present their manufactured products for mining safety and operations. More than 120 delegates from different mining companies across the country are attending the Conference. More than 50 papers will be presented by academics, scientists, industry experts and researchers at this conference. Prof. HK Naik being the Chairman and Prof. HB Sahu, (Head of Mining Engineering Department) being the organizer of the conference, addressed the assembly and enumerated the reasons why mining safety mining has become mandatory today.

The first day of the conference included keynote speeches by Sri DB SundaraRamam, {Vice President (Commodities), Tata Steel Ltd}, Professor Ashish Bhattacharjee (IIT Kharagpur). The inaugural event ended with a note of thanks from Professor Tushar Gupta (co-organizer) who also explained how this conference has created a platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, challenges and solutions. latest in mining. engineering. Prof. Falguni Sarkar and Prof. Mahesh Shriwas from the Department of Mines are the co-organizers of the conference while Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai contributed as chairman of the technical committee to organize the event.

On this occasion, the following 7 prominent alumni were also recognized for their impactful contribution in a related profession and inducted into the new Mining Hall of Fame of the Department of Mining Engineering.

  1. Shri Prabhat Kumar (Lot 1986) – {Head, Directorate General of Mine Safety (DGMS), Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India}
  2. Shri DB SundaraRamam (batch 1990) – VP (Commodities), Tata Steel
  3. Shri Prasanna Kumar Panda (lot 1984) – Senior Chairman, Essel Mining (Aditya Birla Group)
  4. Shri Sariputta Mishra (lot 1984) – CEO, Odisha Coal and Power Limited (OCPL)
  5. Shri KC Brahma (batch 1987) – Technical Director (Project and Planning), Odisha Mining Corporation
  6. Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty (lot 1985) – Former Chief General Manager (Marketing), Odisha Mining Corporation
  7. Shri Ranjan Nayak (batch 1992) – Chief Operating Officer (COO), JSW Steel


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