NVCO observes World Environment Day | Morung Express


Kohima, June 5 (MExN): The Nagaland Consumers Volunteer Organization (NVCO) celebrated World Environment Day under the theme “Ecosystem Restoration” on June 5.

Every year, NVCO holds a week-long celebration of World Environment Day by organizing an awareness program in schools, colleges and churches. However, due to the pandemic, NVCO was unable to conduct any physical awareness programs this year, he informed.

NVCO President and environmental activist Kezhokhoto Savi said now is the time for us to develop a sense of urgency to protect our environment as well as a sense of hope for its future. A lot of damage has been done to the earth, and more and more is being inflicted every day, he said.

He expressed dismay to learn that Nagaland was among “the worst performing states and TUs” according to the India Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Index and Scorecard Assessment 2020-21.

The theme for World Environment Day is “ecosystem restoration,” which means helping with the recovery or destruction, as well as the conservation of ecosystems that are still intact, said Savi.

He said we are failing on our part to replace the trees that we have cut or cleared in the thick forest / jungle around us, whether for development or road building. In order to combat the threat of global warming, vigorous efforts should be made to discourage activities or development or business such as stone quarry, stone crusher, etc. that cause damage to the environment, he said.

Water has become increasingly scarce as the human population increases. Plentiful, clean water is necessary for all life. By protecting rivers and their associated ecosystems as well as seeking new sources of water, even in the form of preserving trees in the jungle and rocks in rivers, we can ensure a substantial supply of this crucial substance. in the future while protecting important fish and wildlife habitat, Savi said.
“Together, let’s save our land and our people,” he urged.


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