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Raghu Dixit is known for his contemporary Indian music which introduced a whole new range of rock music to an entire generation. In addition to his entertaining concerts, he has spoken extensively on environmental and animal welfare issues in recent years. Even in the midst of a pandemic, he released a clip dedicated to rescued pets.

On this World Environment Day (WED), Raghu has an exclusive message to readers of The Weather Channel India.

“Forests and ecosystems contribute to every natural resource we consume. I invite you all to celebrate World Environment Day in a more meaningful way and to commit to conserving and restoring our ecosystems,” said Raghu Dixit in his WED 2021 post.

WED 2021 revolves around the theme “Reinventing”. Recreate. Restore ”, which focuses on restoring ecosystems. Today marks the start of the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), which aims to restore millions of acres of degraded land and ecosystems. The United Nations is highlighting the economic, social and environmental benefits of restoration that can help nations recover from the impacts of COVID-19 while helping them better adapt to climate change simultaneously.

“Over the past 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how dire the consequences of the loss of ecosystems can be. When we reduce the area of ​​natural habitat for animals, we create ideal conditions for the spread of pathogens, including coronaviruses. To save humans and the other forms of life around us, it is essential to act. Therefore, re-imagine, recreate, restore, ”says Raghu Dixit on World Environment Day.

The United Nations describes ecosystem restoration as the act of helping degraded and destroyed ecosystems to recover, while protecting and maintaining ecosystems that are still intact. Essentially, it’s about helping our Earth with climate emergencies, loss of nature, and deadly pollution, all of which threaten to destroy our home and wipe out millions of species that share this beautiful planet with us.

Singer-songwriter Raghu Dixit, known for Indian folk music, talks about animal welfare (Daisy Costello and Gaurav Vaz)

Singer-songwriter Raghu Dixit, known for Indian folk music, speaks on WED 2021

(Daisy Costello and Gaurav Vaz)

In addition to raising environmental awareness, Raghu Dixit is also actively involved in animal welfare. In 2013, he raised his voice against violent and brutal practices to control elephants and other animals in circuses, as part of a PETA campaign. In October 2020, in an exclusive interview with The Weather Channel India, Raghu Dixit spoke about the motivation behind his compassion for animals.

“At first, as an artist, I was only concerned with playing, releasing albums and winning fans. It was only in the last few years that I realized that I am in a position where I can be a voice for many whose voices are not heard, especially animals. I love animals and unfortunately there is no representation of the animal kingdom to come and say: ‘boss, Hamara Haq Chahiye Waapis (we need to get our rights back)! ‘ Says Raghu.

Supporting the cause of rescued animals, Raghu hosted an impromptu open mic session to support Charlie’s Animal Rescue Center.

Through his daily actions, a sustainable future is possible, says Raghu Dixit, urging everyone to celebrate YWAM in a meaningful way.


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