Rock Trust launches first green action plan ahead of World Environment Day 2021


Scottish charity for young homeless people rocky trust released its first Green Action Plan 2021-22 to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and improving the health, well-being and prospects of homeless youth.

Rock Trust’s first green action plan outlines the steps the charity is currently taking to reduce its carbon footprint, as well as the many steps they aim to take over the next year to help minimize the ‘environmental impact.

The plan is proudly aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with year one SMART goals initially focusing on United Nations 2030 Agenda goals three and seven: good health and well-being, and affordable, clean energy.

Fuel costs remain a critical issue in Scotland, with 25% of all households living in fuel poverty – defined by the Scottish Government like any household devoting more than 10% of its income to energy – after deducting housing costs.

Like the Scottish Government, Rock Trust recognizes the four main drivers of energy poverty: energy prices, income, home energy efficiency and how energy is used in the home. The charity has already started to address these factors in its green action plan by creating resource booklets for young people in its services and accommodation.

These resources provide advice on areas such as home sustainability, energy efficiency and condensation. You can view these brochures on the Rock Trust sustainability webpage here.

Rock Trust staff also benefit from the organization’s commitment to the Green Action Plan. Five employees signed up for the association’s Bike2Work program as part of their initiative to promote active travel. This number is expected to increase as Covid-19 restrictions ease and more employees return to the workplace.

Rock Trust partners Home Energy Scotland and OVO Foundation have been influential in their green action plan, both by contributing to the plan and by offering ongoing advice and support regarding best practices in sustainability.

Caroline Silke, head of the OVO Foundation which commands Rock Trust’s Future Builders program, said: “The Rock Trust’s commitment to creating a green action plan reflects how the importance and urgency of the climate crisis is intrinsically linked to the critical housing and homelessness issues they are addressing. attack in their daily work. Not only have they defined how they can act, but they have also centered the young people they support – and their future – at the heart of the Plan as well. As climate awareness increases and attention turns to COP26, we have a unique opportunity to build momentum and drive change. It’s great to see the Rock Trust seizing this moment and we look forward to continuing our work together.

Home Energy Scotland also commented on Rock Trust’s Green Action Plan.

He said: “We have worked with the Rock Trust to develop staff, review their housing stock and engage their young people. We look forward to seeing the formalization of this work, and much more, through the creation of this Green Action Plan.

“From educating staff to reviewing and improving their own stock, from recognizing the benefits of simple, small actions like turning down the thermostat, to installing larger measures as recommended by EPC data, The Rock Trust takes a holistic approach to the issue of energy efficiency.By engaging young people, they will ensure a legacy of this work, equipping them to take positive action to protect the planet as they progress through life. We support the Rock Trust in their commitment to mainstream sustainability and look forward to working in partnership with them in the years to come.

Kate Polson, CEO of Rock Trust, added: “Rock Trust has worked for 30 years to end youth homelessness and to help young people have a positive future. Throughout this time, we have worked to improve the sustainability of all our services and processes, including those that have a wider impact on the world we live in.

“Our green action plan ensures the sustainability of this activity and confirms our desire to go even further. As an organization, it is essential to make more sustainable business decisions and create more sustainable opportunities for our staff and the young people in our services. We take great pride in doing all we can to ensure that the future health of the environment in which our young people live is protected.


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