Site Environmental Management Plan (ESMP)


A Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) is a comprehensive site-specific document identifying, in detail, the potential environmental impacts and risks of a proposed development and the means by which these impacts and risks can be reduced through strategies. management and site practices.

The Town of Whittlesea has prepared the SEMP Kit – Guidelines and Standards Handbook and Template to assist a proponent (developer, contractor) in understanding the requirements and acceptable standard measures and options for developing a satisfactory SEMP submission to the Board for approval. It describes the various aspects of site management, offering a range of acceptable standard measures and options, to eliminate or minimize the impacts of construction activities on the environment and human health..

All construction projects must have an approved Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) before the start of work in the town of Whittlesea. A SEMP may require approval from other organizations such as DELWP, Melbourne Water or EPA. These approvals must be requested and obtained separately, but Board approval remains a mandatory requirement.

The SEMP template should be used in conjunction with information from the Site Environmental Management Plan Toolkit – Guidelines and Standards Manual. The SEMP must be submitted for approval after Functional Configuration Plan (FLP) approval where we will cross-reference design elements between plans to match, and at least 21 days prior to a required pre-launch meeting. This will reduce the likelihood that activities will be delayed while waiting for the plan to be approved and approved.

Additional guidance on preparing an effective SEMP can be found in the factsheet.

All Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) applications should be submitted to the Development Engineering Department by email at [email protected]

Where additional information is required or the submission is inadequate, the Board may request additional details and a resubmission.

Town of Whittlesea officers carry out regular inspections to verify compliance with the approved SEMP. In the event of non-compliance, appropriate action will be taken, including guidance and instructions to comply. Enforcement, if required by Council and other competent authorities, will continue if breaches of the legislation or approved SEMP occur.

For more information, contact the Development Engineering Department by email [email protected] or telephone (03) 9217 2170.


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