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PM Modi on World Environment Day: economy and ecology can go hand in hand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made key announcements on World Environment Day on Saturday. Addressing a themed-based program – promoting biofuels for a better environment – PM Modi said that “using ethanol from sugar cane to mix it with gasoline will benefit farmers.” He will also interact with farmers to learn about their experiences using ethanol. PM Modi released the report of the Expert Panel on the Roadmap for Blending Ethanol by 2025 on World Environment Day. “As for 20% ethanol blending on hand, the report presents an annual plan for the gradual deployment of E20 ethanol,” tweeted NITI Aayog.

Speech by PM Modi on the occasion of World Environment Day. Look here :

World Environment Day: the 5 best quotes from PM Modi

  1. “A mixture of 20% ethanol in gasoline has been advanced until 2025 compared to the previous target of 2030”: PM Modi.
  2. “Using ethanol from sugar cane to mix it with gasoline will benefit farmers”: PM Modi.
  3. “Economy and ecology can go hand in hand, prosper together – India has chosen this path”: PM Modi
  4. “One Sun, One World, One Grid – whether it’s our vision of the International Solar Alliance or the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure initiative – India is moving forward with a grand global vision”: PM Modi
  5. “To protect our environment, it is very important to unite our efforts. When every citizen of the country makes a joint effort to maintain the ecological balance in air, water and land, only then will we be able to provide a healthy environment for the younger generations “: PM Modi


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