The Fiji Times »Private Sector Commitment to Marine Environment Agenda


The continued engagement of the private sector has given a much needed boost to the marine environment protection program managed by the Mamanuca Environment Society (MES).

Local beverage company Paradise Beverages Fiji Ltd announced its new long-term partnership with MES with 10 company executives working with the company’s marine biologists, planting 49 acropora corals before relocating them to the inner reef of the Castaway Island, as part of an ongoing coral recovery program.

“Fiji is home to one of the most remarkable tropical marine environments in the world, and many of our species are found nowhere else in the world,” said Mike Spencer, Managing Director of Paradise Beverages.

Mr Spencer also took the opportunity to promote the importance of local partnerships like this for the local marine environment.

“It is this incredible diversity and natural beauty that puts Fiji on the map and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is also a fundamental part of the identity and livelihoods of most Fijians, most local communities depend heavily on marine resources for their food, jobs and income for our vital tourism and fishing industries. peach.

“As a local business and one of Fiji’s largest employers, we absolutely recognize that Paradise and our people play a role in protecting the environment and the communities around us,” he said. .

A company statement said the announcement extended a ten-year relationship between MES and Paradise Beverages’ Vonu beer brand, which bears the Vonu Dina as its emblem.

Roweena Taito, Managing Director of Marketing and New Product Development, said she was proud of her Vonu beer’s support of MES’s work in protecting endangered turtle species for over a decade.

“Our decision to expand reflects the vital role society plays in protecting our turtles and the marine environment in which they live. so crucial to our turtles and our Fijian way of life, ”Ms. Taito said.

MES project leader Marica Vakacola said the sponsorship of Paradise Beverages would further achieve their goals of further expanding conservation work in the Mamanuca region in areas of ocean conservation, and would benefit more to island communities and business stakeholders through the monitoring, assistance and education provided by the Company.


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