What jobs can you get with an environmental science degree?


If you have a strong love or interest in the inner workings of the natural world, then an Environmental Science degree might be right for you. Not only is the subject exciting, but a qualification in this field can open the door to a plethora of rewarding occupations. Getting the education you need to be successful in the following jobs can be expensive, but there are private student loans available. available to cover costs. Achieve yourself in any of the following jobs and you will be rewarded financially while doing something you really love. It’s a win-win.

Preservation of nature

Specialists in this field are essential to the survival of thousands of species of flora and fauna. Whether you decide to specialize in a particular region of the planet, a certain family of organisms, or whatever, you can make all the difference as a conservation officer. The work regularly involves travel, close encounters with endangered species, and opportunities to make real changes in the way we treat nature. Because of the importance of this role, those who assume it are often paid as well.

Marine biology

The ocean is often accepted as the last frontier of discovery for man. Underwater, many kilometers remain unexplored and unexplored, and new discoveries are made every day in these depths. Marine biologists are, in many ways, today’s explorers. In this role, you will be there to learn about new developments and perform tests that will shape human knowledge of the ocean for years to come. You’ll also have the chance to work with fascinating aquatic creatures and plants to ensure their habitat is properly maintained.

Surveying for quarries and mines

The exploitation of quarries and the mines of raw materials remains one of the most widespread and lucrative vocations to this day. However, these operations cannot be carried out in complete safety without qualified surveyors giving them the green light. As a Quarry or Mine Surveyor, you will use state of the art equipment to inspect the landscape and advise your clients on the safety of working in a given area. You will take into account a variety of meters, from how rock formed beneath the surface to the potential environmental and local impact of all activities involved. Because this job requires considerable expertise, and because the safety of others will be in your hands, you are likely to be paid well for your tasks.

Green energy and sustainability

That you work as a consultant for companies who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient, as a government advisor or as a researcher in new ways of sustainability, there is no doubt that this is important work. You will be able to help protect the planet from climate change and other threats to the planet, actively helping to improve the environment for generations to come.

Environmental education

Of course, teaching young minds about the environment and the approaches we can take to protect it is essential, which is why being an environmental educator is a great career choice. Whether you are working with very young children, teens, college students, or business owners, there are so many benefits in passing your knowledge on to another group of people in order to help the planet recover.


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