World Environment Day celebrated at the University’s Faculty of Law


On the occasion of World Environment Day, saplings were planted by NSS Unit No. 05 of University Law College (VBU) Hazaribag, as part of a tree planting program of five days. The national “Save Soil Movement” program was also launched. occasionally. Addressing the students, the head of the university’s law school, Dr. Jaideep Sanyal, said World Environment Day is celebrated around the world every year on June 5. Through Environment Day, efforts are made to raise awareness about the environment. We get all the things necessary for the survival of human beings from the environment, that is why it is necessary that we protect the environment and maintain the balance on the earth. In the current era of industrial civilization, the environment is seriously polluted, due to the increasing level of pollution in the environment, sometimes there is rainy situation and sometimes drought, in this situation, it is necessary that people are made aware of the environment.

He also said that, In 1972, the United Nations organized the first environmental conference of the countries of the world in Stockholm (Sweden) because of the problem of environmental pollution, in which 119 countries participated and in this conference the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) was born and it was decided to raise citizens’ awareness of the problem of pollution by organizing Environment Day on June 5 every year. Its main objective was to raise political awareness and inspire the general public by raising environmental awareness. Senior Dr Jaideep Sanyal, NSS Program Manager Dr Laxmi Singh, Bhupendra Verma, Chittaranjan Kisphota, Shubhajit Chakraborty, Siddhant Chandra, Imran Ahmed and Ruchi Kujur, Nitish Kumar, Himanshu Kumar Singh, Vishwanath Son, Aarti Kumari, Mickey Singh, Khushboo Kumari, Nishant Singh Somvanshi, Nitish Kumar Singh, Santosh Singh, Wasim Jaffer, Anish Bhatt, Ashutosh Singh and others were featured in the program.


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